CBD Coconut Lip Balm – 20g (100mg CBD)


CBD Coconut Lip Balm Balm is designed to calm and soothe your cracked or dry lips. This lip balm is made from a premium Sativa Cannabis oil. The ingredients found in this lip bam fortify the natural properties of CBD to result in hydration for dry and cracked lips. Above all, this lip balm has a soft non-greasy feel with a fresh coconut fragrance!

Pamper yourself with our CBD Coconut Lip Balm. An accumulation of hemp oils will restore your lips to their natural state. Similarly, this soothing balm will reduce dry and cracked skin. Keeping your lips hydrated with this balm will protect you from dryness and chapping. The natural oils and CBD in this lip balm may aid in increases skin hydration and reduced inflammation.

Coconut Lip Balm